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"Glavshlyakhbud" LLC was established in 2015. The main activity of the enterprise is the construction and repair of roads, highways, bridges and tunnels. At the disposal of the company has a certified asphalt factory, certified laboratory for quality control of road materials and coverings, production of bitumen emulsion, granite quarry, production of concrete mixtures. Linear construction crews are staffed modern road construction equipment. Cargo transportation is carried out by a separate transport company. The company employs highly qualified employees with extensive experience in. For all time of existence the company paved 50 thousand cubic meters of a concrete basis of roads, 200 thousand square meters of asphalt concrete coverings, including 120 thousand meters of a covering type SMA, repaired several bridges. The company has completed several reconstruction projects and repair of roads of both state importance and local and city. Among them is the reconstruction of the street Molotkova, repair of Chornovola, Smilyanska, Sumgaitska and other streets in Cherkasy, current average repair of the road R-10, repair of the road N-01. Today LLC "Glavshlyakhbud" performs work with overhaul of the N-02 road, current average repair of the R-10 road.


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June 17, 2020

An act was signed of commissioning "GlavShlyakhBud" LLC after the repair of the section km45 + 800 - km52 + 800 of the R-10 Kaniv-Chyhyryn-Kremenchuk road.

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June 1, 2020

"GlavShlyakhBud" LLC was recognized as the winner of the tender for the implementation of works on the current average repair of the road R-10 Kaniv-Chyhyryn-Kremenchuk in the area of ​​km52 + 800 - km58 + 800.

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June 22, 2020

"GlavShlyakhBud" LLC entered the TOP-15 in 2020 tenders


E-mail #1: main@gsb-ukr.com
E-mail #2: gsb.ukr@ukr.net
Phone number: +38 (0472) 314-145
Director: Denis Orlinsky

Address of the group of companies:

c. Kyiv, str. Mykhayla Boychuka, 10A

Phone number:

+38 (044) 490-2787

Adress of main office:

18000, c. Cherkasy, str. Smilyans'ka, 44/1, of. 411

Phone number:

+38 (0472) 314-145

Address of the first production base:

18036, c. Cherkasy, str. Chyhyrynska, 86

Phone number:

+38 (0472) 716-893

+38 (0472) 716-894

Address of the second production base:

19400, Cherkasy obl., Korsun'-Shevchenkivs'kyi dis., c. Shevchenkivs'kyi, Sivach tract

Phone number:

+38 (04735)2-03-39